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    Hello, sadistic poops. Welcome to my Animation Production blog. Currently, I'm working on a Monster School-inspired series, and if you've checked out episode 0 on my channel (Check out my profile for that).

    Backstory: I'm one of the original Monster School fans. I started watching in 3rd grade (2012-2013 year), and I think only Crafting, Cooking, and Stealing were on the diedie15 channel. This gave me the idea (possibly before anyone else): what if I made one on my own. My original plans were incredibly ambitious. Since I never knew what Mine-imator was, I was planning to make it a Minecraft machinima. I tried once, but I never knew how to get the animals and monsters to stop moving (I seriously used minecarts for this.). After I discovered…

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  • The Minester

    Animation rant.

    December 19, 2015 by The Minester

    As the title suggests, this is simply an animation rant. Specifically, about MS. Even more specifically, the CC: the Crappy Copies. This comes from the latest post on Willcraft's profile.

    So people on the MI forums (not advertising, just saying) make great animations, and yet have ~100-1000 subs. And yet the CC's, such as Stillcraft and CraftedThings, have over 100,000! And they're not even good (CraftedThings isn't even using 1.0.0).

    My moral on MI: Check out the lesser known Mine-imators. They have animations with obvious effort.

    See, simple and short. This is gonna be extremely controversial... I don't know why I made this.

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