Hello, sadistic poops. Welcome to my Animation Production blog. Currently, I'm working on a Monster School-inspired series, and if you've checked out episode 0 on my channel (Check out my profile for that).

Backstory: I'm one of the original Monster School fans. I started watching in 3rd grade (2012-2013 year), and I think only Crafting, Cooking, and Stealing were on the diedie15 channel. This gave me the idea (possibly before anyone else): what if I made one on my own. My original plans were incredibly ambitious. Since I never knew what Mine-imator was, I was planning to make it a Minecraft machinima. I tried once, but I never knew how to get the animals and monsters to stop moving (I seriously used minecarts for this.). After I discovered MIne-imator early 2015, I stumbled on my Mob School plans again. I tried making Mob School a reality again using Mine-imator. I restarted the projects about 5 times...

Nose jiggle

Nose jiggle

This is part of Crafting, but the camera angle was changed to render my Iron Golem's movements.

UPDATE: So yeah, I scrapped this episode too. But I'm back to animating again since MI 1.1.0 prerelease has updated to the latest MC. FINALLY

Mob School is now "SCHOOL OF MOBS" how unique huh

there are now 39 students end me

ANYWAY, the first episode is now focused on the students' first day! I no longer consider my horrific Episode 0 canon. Basically, School of Mobs is essentially a different series altogether. I'll post a sneak peek soon.


i'm lazy so i just screenshotted the folder

NOTE: Should I render School of Mobs in 24fps to give it a more TV-show esque feel? Or should I stay with 60fps?

I didn't feel like animating more so I made some slides for the intro woot

School of Mobs Ep

School of Mobs Ep. 1 test

Here's one for SOM!

Mob School Crafting Test

Mob School Crafting Test

A special sneak peek.