Hello, sadistic poops. Welcome to my Animation Production blog. Currently, I'm working on a Monster School-inspired series, and if you've checked out episode 0 on my channel (Check out my profile for that).

Backstory: I'm one of the original Monster School fans. I started watching in 3rd grade (2012-2013 year), and I think only Crafting, Cooking, and Stealing were on the diedie15 channel. This gave me the idea (possibly before anyone else): what if I made one on my own. My original plans were incredibly ambitious. Since I never knew what Mine-imator was, I was planning to make it a Minecraft machinima. I tried once, but I never knew how to get the animals and monsters to stop moving (I seriously used minecarts for this.). After I discovered MIne-imator early 2015, I stumbled on my Mon School plans again. I tried making Mob School a reality again using Mine-imator. I restarted the projects about 5 times...

Currently, I'm working on Episode 1: Crafting and the Meet the Students episodes (30 students=possibly 3 parts)

On this blog, I'll be posting pictures and videos on the production of the eps. If you want, you could stay tuned to check progress!

Nose jiggle00:09

Nose jiggle

I'm so very satisfied.



This is part of Crafting, but the camera angle was changed to render my Iron Golem's movements.

Down below is a special sneak peek (for you guys!) on the episode!

Mob School Crafting Test00:29

Mob School Crafting Test

A special sneak peek.


An overview of the classroom.

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