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    June 17, 2015 by Willcraft Animations

    Luna suggested I'd make a page with a bunch of random info that I can't find a place to put into my videos and that only a handful of people care about, and since the idea had been buzzing in the back of my head for some time (I was even considering doing a miniseries on my channel based around the concept) I decided to do it.

    Feel free to request something you'd like to know more about. To start off, here are some fun facts... without the fun.

    Endreai is (was) the only left-handed character in Endventures.

    Endaria always curls up her tail when anxious or sad.

    Red and Colin were originally supposed to be brothers.

    Dr. Creepy was the first of the characters on my channel to be created. I made him up long before learning to animate, originally pl…

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    Endventures episode 11 will take time. I still can't work on it due to bugs in Mine-imator and even when those are fixed I will be unable to work due to summer break. I would prefer to use the free time to animate, but not everyone in my family likes that idea. Instead there's roadtrips and other activities that makes animating impossible on the schedule. Therefore I'm releasing the plot for next episode for those who are so eager to see it that it would bring them satisfaction to just know what it's about.

    So the episode starts off with Katie (the character I added because everyone demanded a female protagonist) and Colin talking, and we FINALLY get some backstory for our main character. How he met Porkey and all that, as well as some alte…

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  • Willcraft Animations

    I thought this wiki was a good place to share my ideas for all curious fans, so here's some potential character ideas.

    As I've said before, I'm going to make another series featuring all my characters like Voidheart, Dr Creepy and all of those once I'm done with Endventures. Since I'm done planning Endventures and all I have to do is make plotline reality, I've been thinking about adding some new characters with smaller roles. Tell me what you think.

    I came up with some ideas for minions of Lord Läskig. I tried to give them all creepy looks, odd behaviour and powers, and of course a very dark backstory.

    We all know voodoo dolls, right? Those things that we torment to hurt people. (Fun fact, voodoo dolls aren't actually a part of voodoo cultur…

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