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In honor of the wiki's 100 pages, I made a sandbox to try out your coding, in preparation to making templates.

Welcome to the Willcraft Animations Wiki sandbox!
This page exists so that you can practice editing or formatting (see Help:Editing) without changing any serious content. Feel free to try wiki editing out here first.
There is a tutorial on the Central (coordinating) Wikia that will step you through more of the things you can do. Wiki allow for rather complicated formatting. It can look overwhelming when you begin, but don't let it worry you. Just start with the basics... enter some text, and learn the other pieces as you go. Your content contributions are welcome and important. The wiki is a collaborative effort and others can help with formatting and other improvements.
Best wishes!

Try out templates BELOW THIS LINE!Edit

Voidheart Banner Image

So this is how you insert images...

Yup, but keep in mind that some images are too large to fit on a page.

Student Grade Description
Creep a b
Endie c d
Ghist e f
Mucus g h
Skellington i j
Spider k l
Zombee m n
Zombieswine o p
Cavell q r
Maggie s t
Blaise test test
Multus u v
Silvester w x
Witton y z
Zupay ! ?

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