Please read these rules carefully before you start editing.
Breaking any of these will result in a warning and possibly punishment. An Admin or Moderator isn't required to warn you before punishment if your violation is severe enough.

Editing Rules

  • Spam is bad, making empty pages or unrelated pages or filling pages with nonsense is considered and treated as spam.

  • Theories aren't facts.
Some character pages have a small list of extra information about the character listed that does not fit in the normal format.
Please don't write non-canon information here including theories or rumours, unless they are specified as theories or rumours and are widespread enough to justify being part of the page.

  • The wikia isn't your personal gallery.
    • Don't upload unrelated images.
    • Fan-Art related to the wikia is allowed.
    • And a profile picture is allowed as well.

  • Keep fanfictions in their assigned places. Either make a blog on the wikia or write it on one of the designated pages.

  • Follow the page format appropriate for the kind of page you're making/editing.
The wikia has each page formatted in a certain way. Please follow this format.

  • Fill in the templates accordingly.
  • The pages are a summarization of characters and episodes. Not everything has to be told literally and your edits might be reverted if you're adding unnecessary amounts of detail.
  • Don't make new categories. Categories are only made by the admins. If you feel like there should be a new category added you can suggest it to the admin Luna.
  • Don't add music. Automatically playing music isn't allowed on any of the official pages, your profile, or your blog.