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Willcraft Animations is the name of the Minecraft animator who created this wiki and is what this wiki is based on.

Willcraft Animations is an independent YouTuber that speciallizes in using a Minecraft animation program called Mine-imator.

Current and Ongoing series:

Series that are on hold:

Link to Willcraft Animation's channel:


This is a program created by David Norgen. It was a better alternative to making Minecraft animations than other programs. For example, Cinema 4D, along with Autodesk Maya, 3ds max, and Blender, was made for round and smoother objects while Minecraft consisists of flat faces and cubes.

Just a quick review, this is the program he uses.

Willcraft Animation's Personal informationEdit

Willcraft is careful with his personal information and first showed himself in the 100,000 subs special, then sitting in a dark room dressed in a tuxedo with his voice made darker. The main reason for the voice change was because he is bad at talking in front of camera and tried to hide it. He later started appearing regularly, no longer using a voice changer.

He wears a tuxedo, gloves, a top hat and most notably a gas mask. Why he wears this attire is somewhat unclear, but he has said himself that he wants to create his own persona, which, in this case, is a formal masked maniac.


  • He was formerly known as Diedie15.
  • In a Q&A video, he is revealed to be Swedish due to his voice accent.
  • He loves Halloween.
  • Willcraft's least favourite holiday is Christmas and Valentines day

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