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The Zombie Villagers are a group of school workers who work at the Monster School. They first debuted in Combat #2. Two of them also appeared in Trick or Treat, and one appeared in Bus Trip.

Role in the seriesEdit

The Zombie Villagers first appeared in Combat #2. One first appeared in the lunchroom, when Maggie asked for a cookie. Another one also appeared in the hallway, when he was mopping the floor. Zupay cut his arm off.

They also appeared in Trick or Treat. When Creep knocked on a door, he was answered by a Zombie Villager. The villager then went to get some candy, while Creep stole an entire chest of unknown contents behind its back. A second one appeared when Zupay went to a house for candy. Zupay asked it for candy, but it stated that there was no candy, and then it closed the door. Zupay then destroyed the house with TNT.

Trivia Edit

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