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The Zombie Villagers are a group of school workers who work at the Monster School. They first debuted in Combat #2. Two of them also appeared in Trick or Treat, and one appeared in Bus Trip.

Role in the series

The Zombie Villagers first appeared in Combat #2. One first appeared in the lunchroom, when Maggie asked for a cookie. Another one also appeared in the hallway, when he was mopping the floor. Zupay cut his arm off.

They also appeared in Trick or Treat. When Creep knocked on a door, he was answered by a Zombie Villager. The villager then went to get some candy, while Creep stole an entire chest of unknown contents behind its back. A second one appeared when Zupay went to a house for candy. Zupay asked it for candy, but it stated that there was no candy, and then it closed the door. Zupay then destroyed the house with TNT.